API Paginator

How does it work?

This API acts as a caching server that caches the data fetched from the origin server. You're just needed to submit an API endpoint that retuns JSON data, for which this API provides a unique endpoint with the paginated version of the same JSON data.

The following constraints apply to the data returned by the paginated API-

  • If no query was passed in the URL, all of the data shall be returned.
  • The only valid parameters are:
    1. page : The page/set number of the resulting data.
    2. limit : The number of results per page/set.
    3. OR
    4. number_of_pages : The total number of pages/sets in the resulting data.
  • Only positive integer values are allowed for each of the parameters. If not, the query shall be rejected.
  • In case limit and number_of_pages both are defined, limit will be used for paginating the data.
  • If the parameters' values conflict with each other, all of the data shall be returned to the client.

The JSON response will look like-

	"status": 200,
	"message": "OK",
	"dataLength": 50, // length of the data returned
	"data": []